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Do you have a real desire to set up in business, to be your own boss and be free from all the office politics?

Do you want to be a contribution to your clients?

Before you do that you may wonder if you have the skills you need to set up. It is not so much the skills that will be the key to your success… you can buy those you don’t have. They real difference is who you are , who you are being, your attitude and resilience. To help I have put together a checklist of questions you can ask yourself. Get a partner, friend or colleague to also complete it about you. the idea is that you can answer as many yes answers as possible. if you get no answers think about what you can do to get support around those items.

Yes / No

  1. Can you work long hours on things that interest you?
  2. Are you a self-starter, someone who does not need pushing or supervision?
  3. Do you have persistence and stamina?
  4. Are you the sort of person who frequently has new ideas to get around problems?
  5. Do you do things differently if the first option doesn’t work?
  6. Are you willing to do without holidays and spare time?
  7. Do you have support from your friends and family who do not object to you putting in those extra hours?
  8. If your business were struggling in 3 years would you keep going?
  9. Do you see problems as a challenge?
  10. Do you set yourself goals and gain satisfaction from achieving an?
  11. Can you work alone and are happy to do so?
  12. Can you live without job security and a regular income?
  13. Do others consider you to be a good all-rounder?
  14. Do you analyse your performance so that you can do something better next time?
  15. Are you good at finding the right person or resources to help you get what you want?
  16. Do you recognise and acknowledge when you need help?
  17. Have you got over your fears and concerns and discovered what held you back in the past?
  18. Can you delegate to others?
  19. Is your health good?
  20. Do you set your own standards to compete against?
  21. Do you feel really comfortable about money and business and that you will be adding value to your clients?
  22. Do you have a professional attitude towards your practice and towards your business?
  23. Do you really really want to set up in business on your own?
  24. Do you have a “vision board” of what success means to you in business?
  25. Have you discussed your thoughts with your friends and family about setting up in business?
  26. Have you worked out a revised budget to see how you will cope especially in the early months?
  27. Is the family supportive of you setting up in business and realise the implications?
  28. Are they able and willing to support and help around the house or indeed in the business itself if necessary?