Question 31: How Effective Is Your No?

Did you find When you first started in business you were just so grateful that someone would actually pay you money that you would agree to any time any discount….well I know I did ! As you become more established though and you have been working long hours there is a fear about not having… Read more

Question 32: how scaleable is your business?

if you ever watch dragons den they will reject investing in a business if it is not scaleable. But what does that mean? It means that you find a process that works for selling your products or services in an efficient, profitable manner and repeat it and expand it. For products, take the ipad for… Read more

Question 34: How To Win in Business?

I have always had poor hand-eye coordination – I blame poor eyesight aggravated by low physical fitness during my earlier years and thinking academic work much more important that sport- yes I know, I know I got that wrong…. When I discovered aerobics in my thirties, which was competing against myself, especially when accompanied by… Read more

Question 35: Look inside

Today – pick a problem…it could be personal or professional… any type will do. But this time, instead of seeking a solution outside (books, blogs, friends, mentors, etc…) spend an hour or two thinking things through. How could you be the cause of it? What would you do if your life depended on solving it… Read more

Question 36: Whats your money mindset?

Most people know the story of Donald Trump who made and lost a fortune. Went bankrupt and had made a fortune again in three years. And we’ve all heard of the lottery winners who “spend spend spend” and are as broke as they were before in three years. why? Because of their money mindset. What… Read more

Question 37: What would Richard Branson do?

Sometimes we get stuck in business, we feel like the proverbial hamster in the wheel racing around working harder and harder trying to make ends meet… Inevitably we are the person who cuts our wages in order that the business will survive or thrive. The trouble is sometimes we cannot take the perspective we need… Read more

Getting Clear

In the past nine years of teaching aromatherapy and reflexology students I am always amazed when they turn up nearly at the end of the course and they have not really thought about how they are going to market their services or how they are going to set up their complementary therapy practice. A couple… Read more