Question 23: How are you spending your time

What is the biggest problem of working for yourself? Not indulging in non income generating activities. What do I mean by that? Spending lots of time on giveaways that lead nowhere and with no goal in mind. Ok you could challenge me what about these blog posts? Well the intention is that once you realise… Read more

Question 25: How Far Have you Come

You know what it is like when you are driving a long journey that you really must take… you start by dreading it and really think Is it worth it? Or what about if you are trying to lose weight and you have target weight but three weeks in when you are eating a lettuce… Read more

Question 27: How Social Are You?

Are you spending many hours on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn not to mention Youtube or Google plus ? Do you have a Facebook page and are you sending out autoresponders using a system such as Mailchimp ( which a very dear friend of mine who isn’t very technical insists on calling chipmunk)? And how… Read more

Question 28: What are You Prepared to Give Up?

I have changed what I was going to write about this week as two business coaching clients have presented the same issue this week, so there is obviously something in the air! And the issue relates to time. They are both successful entrepreneurs with a small number of employees where they still make all the… Read more

Question 29: Who Are You Hanging Out With?

Having spent a day at BestofBristol exhibition on Tuesday it was interesting to see how many people I knew there… either as stallholders or as attendees, all business people and most I’ve met through membership of a number of networking groups. Why do I go to networking groups? Is it the breakfast? No not really… Read more