Question 15: Are you still being a copycat

If you are tempted to copy what everyone else is doing because they are successful,forget it. In the industrial age fortunes were made by churning out identical products as cheaply as possible using repeatable processes, hence Ford and the first assembly line. If you are producing products with mass manufacture you need to produce as… Read more

Question 16: How Good Is Your Pitch

Ok this is one where I have to be 100% honest.. my pitch has never been a brilliant as it could be… I went to 4N networking meetings and would stumble and be incoherent and have a not very clear or consistent message… did I want to mention my book, or my coaching business, my… Read more

Question 17: How Flexible Is Your Business

” Adapt or die” is a phrase that comes from the world of natural selection, but could apply equally to business. When operating your business, major events will occur that will put you off course: a new competitor opens up in your marketplace with a much more powerful promise than yours; you cannot get the… Read more

Question 18: How Are You Doing

What are your sales trends in comparison to last year? An obvious question you might think , but it is surprising when I ask people how many of them do not know how the business is doing in comparison to prior years and against budget. Having said that my previous business partner always complained that… Read more

Question 19: Do you have a clear sales funnel

Going Gaga for Farmville? I see that Lady Gaga is going to appear on Farmville ( a game available on Facebook)….a great example of joint venturing with two really popular phenomena. As part of the game, fans can download her latest videos a week before anyone else. If you were ( or maybe you are?)… Read more

Question 20: What is the Best Way of Getting New Clients

In the service industry in particular most people say that they get most sales through recommendation and word of mouth. This is great because it means that you have ” fans” who will recommend you and it costs you nothing to acquire new customers. But realistically how many new customers can you get this way?… Read more